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fragment, 1 min

Title: There is No Landscape
Media: Audio/photo installation
Duration: 6' 44''
Year: 2014


Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back, Mr. Q is with us still in the studio, we are live at the art performance location. Do you think we are any closer to making a guess at this moment Q?

Q: Not really, the artist is not giving us any directions or clues so far, except that he is being very dramatic and theatrical.

Mark: Well, I think you are quite alone in your opinion.

Q: Let’s say I am not so easy to amuse Mark, that’s not my job.

Mark: Ok. Do you think that this tree could have any meaning at all?

Q: Possibly. A tree has lot of metaphorical potential. It helped Darwin to explain his theory of evolution. Paul Klee used it to formulate his idea of creativity. One story can be very interesting in this case, its written by conceptual artist Braco Dimitrijevic, it’s a story about two painters. It’s a very short one, quoting: One day, the King, hunting nearby, lost his dog. He found him in the garden of one of the painters. He saw the works of that painter and took him to the castle. The name of that painter was Leonardo da Vinci. The name of the other disappeared forever from human memory, end of quote. Or left in the forest, I might add…

Mark: That is terrific! I am glad we have you with us in the studio Q, I couldn't of come up with that on my own, you are super!

Q: I am glad I can help, Mark.

Mark: But do you think that’s the message?

: No,

Mark: Right.

Q: and I don’t believe in that story ...good things find their way to people’s attention. It would be helpful if we could summarize what we have seen so far.

Mark: Right.

Q: The artist showed us a forest, surrounded by hills and heavy mist, and there was a particular tree on the top that stands out in the woods.



Mark: True, go on…

Q: And since then he is standing there, on the tree, and… he is looking at us.

Q: Yes, us, take a look.