Title: Land Art
Media: Audio/photo installation
Duration: 7' 09''
Year: 2009

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back, Mr. Q is with us still in the studio, we are live at the art performance location. Do you think we are any closer to making a guess at this moment Q?

Q: Not really, the artist is not giving us any directions or clues so far, except that he is being very dramatic and theatrical.

Mark: Well, according to our listeners who make our phone line hot since the performance started, you are quite alone in your opinion.

Q: Let’s say I am not so easy to amuse Mark, that’s not my job.

Mark: Ok. Do you think that this snow could have any meaning at all?

Q: Possibly. It could represent accidental random shapes in nature, with a certain semantic potential. Or we can search for a meaning in the snow matter itself – it is cold, freezing, long preserving in certain conditions. It’s interesting how this snow prevails in the sun and hot temperatures during the summer. It could also be that the snow remains because of the lack of the sun on this side of the mountain, which opens even more interpretations. The artist’s message could be about hidden values, off scene quality. The message could be that only true art will prevail when the lights come down. Art that is not exposing itself too much.
Mark: That is terrific! I am glad we have you with us in the studio Q, I couldn't of come up with that on my own, you are super!

Q: I am glad I can help, Mark.

Mark: But do you think that’s the message?

: No,

Mark: Right.

Q: and I don’t believe in the quality from the margins, and...good things find their way. It would be helpful if we could summarize what we have seen so far. The artist showed us a mountain, and we can remember that it was possible to see those snow patches in the introductory scene as white dots in the image or to be more precise – in the landscape.

Mark: Hmm, go on…